The Voyage

by Sakshi-I & Baraka

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Baraka The Voyage

~Visionary Reggae HipHop Binghi Bhajan Fiyah Chants~
This album is inspired by BARAKA's musical tour of India.

BARAKA, an Ancient word meaning "Blessing" or "Essence of Life" is a Bloomington based Hiphop-Reggae-Bhajan group spreading Conscious Vibrations. Our message speaks of Unity, Compassion, and Peace. BARAKA heightens awareness beyond the physical, Opening the Chakras. BARAKA also performs devotional music and chanting called Kirtan and Healing Sounds Ceremony. The Voyage CD is BARAKA's long awaited release inspired by their incredible voyage to the ancient and mystical land of India. The Voyage not only represents their physical journey but also their inner voyage of meditation and transformation.

Baraka has been a Kirtan group since 2004, originally having the names Baraka Bhajana and Binghi Bhajan. In the early days, Baraka had only guitars and djembe drums, so our style was very much Acoustic-Reggae-Nyahbinghi-Kirtan with some Hiphop too, hence the name Binghi Bhajan. Binghi Bhajan is more of a style of music-fusion that we channel and incorporate into our sound. This style blends the Nyahbinghi music of Rastafari and Reggae with Kirtan chants and Mantras. Binghi, from the word Nyahbinghi and Bhajan from Sanskrit, which we translated to “Poems of the Heart”.

Soon we changed our name to Baraka Bhajana, being influenced also by Sufi and Hebrew traditions, and their methods of ecstatic chant. All of these cultures, Rasta, Hindu, Sufi, Sikh, Hebrew and many more all utilize sacred chanting and music to reach states of enlightenment, union with God, and spiritual ecstasy. Baraka Bhajana we translated as “Songs of Divine Blessings” and the “Essence of Life”.

In November of 2005 one of our members, Daniel, invited the members of Baraka Bhajana and a few others to form a full 9-piece Reggae-HipHop-Bhajan band which we now called, simply: BARAKA. We had until this time, only been incorporating acoustic instruments into our sound and now we were playing with drum set, electric guitars, bass guitar, keys, and more… Daniel is much involved with a Yoga and Service organization called the Art of Living, founded by the guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and he wanted Baraka to perform at a local Art of Living fundraiser, to support worldwide service projects of the International Association of Human Values (IAHV) and so, another manifestation of Baraka was formed.

One month later, in December 2005, soon after this first benefit we did for them, Baraka was invited by the Art of Living to represent America by performing at The Silver Jubilee 2006, an International Conference on Interfaith and Human Values, in Bangalore, India. This event created the largest stage ever, and hosted over 2.5 million people from an estimated 140 countries. Religious leaders, politicians, monarchs, musicians, dignitaries, sports athletes, celebrities, and volunteers from around the world came in support of this grand event and vision. Baraka was just one of many bands from around the globe invited to perform in front of thousands upon thousands of people. This was to be the largest interfaith gathering in history.

To raise the $17,000 necessary to send all 9 band members to India, Baraka undertook a massive fund-raising effort involving personal and business donations; grants; benefit shows/concerts; cd sales; radio & newspaper interviews and more. In February 2006, with the mission to perform in India, and with the support of family, friends, and fans, Baraka embarks on the journey and promises upon return to record an album and release a documentary video of their Voyage.

Both were released in 2008.

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released January 27, 2008

This album features:

-Sakshi-I- Vocals, Raps, Guitar, Melodica, Tibetan Bowl, Beatz
-Solomon (Daniel Moss)- Vocals, Raps, Guitar and Bass
-Zen G- Keys, Guitar, and Drums
-Ras D Hanubaba- Percussion and Hand Drums
-Chip Reardin- Bass, Lead Guitar
-Goodfelllow- Vocals and Raps
-Justin Peterson- Drums
-Kitty Kaler, Vanessa Caruso and Brittney Gilbert- Backup Vocals
-Melodius- Ukelele, Vocals
-Pritam Hari- Lead Guitar



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Sakshi-I & Baraka Bloomington, Indiana

Sakshi-I Music is Reggae R&B HipHop Ragga Kirtan World Fusion & More

BARAKA is a Musical Healing Kirtan group. Kirtans are ancient and mystical chants which purify the consciousness and connect one to the Divine through specific mantras, tones, and musical vibrations. Our message speaks of Unity, Compassion, and Peace.

BARAKA, is an Ancient word meaning Blessing, Essence of Life, Soul Power
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